Google Maps API

Propertugo utilises Google Maps API to power it’s geolocation search and radius features. You must register for an API key for this to work.

Google has implemented an API limit to these features and as of [August 2017] the rate limits are as follows -
1,000 free requests per day. If you register your billing details with them that limit will increase to 150,000. You will never be billed for use of the places API only capped.

Due to this cap we have decided to set filter parameters to +5 Mile radius and last 30 days as default. This should drastically reduce the amount of requests per user.

If you think your website will need more requests it would be best to contact Google for a better idea or hire a developer to create a custom solution.

You can find the rates and plans of Google’s API here -

Adding a key to Propertugo.

  1. Navigate to Google Maps API to get a key.

  2. Copy the key and paste under the theme options area -> WP Admin -> Theme Options -> General -> Google Maps API.

  3. Hit save and you are done!